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How to prevent deadlock for UI tickets

18 Aug 2021

Should you build UI components and then add them to a page or build the page first then break it down into UI components is the chicken and egg of software development?

There are many approaches to develop UI components.

One of the aims of breaking a UI into components is to have reusability.

Reusable components enable companies to provide users with a consistent user experience and avoid the cost and time of solving the same problem over and over.

So how should a company break down the work of creating a user interface? In my opinion, the question should be how can we verify that independent components are working correctly.

The answer to that is, it depends :)... but in my experience, you'll want to end up with a suite of UI components.

Can't see the wood for the trees

I've seen so many teams getting into the trap of only verifying a component is working when used within a page. In that case, there will be a higher chance of ticket deadlock as neither the component ticket nor the page ticket can't progress because it's hard, if not impossible, what is or isn't working.

Component driven design FTW

Component driven design allows teams to use composition to develop pages while allowing for variations for how the component would behave in various states, such as empty states.