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Getting people to believe in your vision

14 Dec 2020

It can be a struggle, endlessly trying to convince your organisation to believe in your ideas and vision.

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In this post, I'll share how I managed to do this.

Having been part of a team that successfully launched Cambridge Core, a web application providing digital access to books and journals, I left Cambridge University Press to join Compare The Market.

The tech first attitude at Compare The Market was amazing. The experience taught me better ways to build and architect web applications.

In 2018 I returned to Cambridge University Press.

Having had time to reflect on technical choices made when building Cambridge Core, I now knew how we could improve the product.

Building reputation and trust

I already had trust within my team, but for management to believe in my vision, I needed to demonstrate my ability, commitment and knowledge of the existing product. I did this by:

Take a chance on me

By doing the above, Cambridge University Press gave me the opportunity to lead a new multi-million-pound project, Higher Education.

An opportunity that would change my life forever.

Hopefully, this helps or inspires you to persevere and continue carving out the chance to lead and implement your vision.

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